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Smithfield's Market Storage Building London, United Kingdom


Project Description: Design Project 2, BArch University of Nottingham

Date: January 2015

Project Location: Smithfield's Market, City of London, United Kingdom

Studio: Year 3, Unit 3B 2014-2015

Tutors: Warren McFadden (Design Mentor)


This project begun with a preliminary research on the distinctive qualities of some of London Pubs in and around Smithfield’s context. In order to do so we had to use the technique mastered by David Hockney in his photographic collage “Luncheon at the British Embassy”. This exercise was produced collectively by a group of third year students. 

Afterwards, we had to design a pub of the 21st century, using the existing fabric of the Victorian Engine House, located next to the Annexe Building and General Market, parts of the famous Smithfield Market in the City of London. The concept of my design was focused on the impact of the surrounding train stations, a place that commuters could be able to wait before, after and in-between their train departures. 


My aim was to capture the importance of the intangible cultural heritage of the English Pub, as well as the importance of existing buildings in Smithfield Market with their cultural and historical significance but at the same time express/introduce to this building the 21st century interchange community in the city of London. 

Please click on the thumbnails below to view the rest of the project.

SMITHFIELD'S MARKET - Service/Storage Building

Existing Situation 2014

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