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MADE IN SHEFFIELD, Craftsmen’s Guild Part II

Sheffield, United Kingdom


Project Description: Design Project 3 - 4, BArch University of Nottingham

Date: June 2014

Project Location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

Studio: Year 2, Unit 1A 2013-2014

Tutors: Alisdair Russel, Stuart Buckenham  (Design Mentors)


Project 3 Made in Sheffield constitutes for me an extension of Project 2 Learning to Dwell that you can find in my Academic Projects after this project in order to maintain a chronological order. The goal of this project was to design a small public forum for the Craftsmen’s Guild to show off their products and engage the wider community.  My aim was to facilitate this interaction between the wider community through the Architecture of this public forum. I wanted to provide Blacksmiths with a space where they could educate people around their work but that will also allow them to exhibit their work at a larger scale. This implied the exploration of the idea of a larger scale production space, in the form of a foundry space, a metal workshop/fabrication area or a place of `making` as appropriate to the working rationale/programme of your live/work units for project 2. As a result the proposed public forum ended up consisting of different workshop spaces, lecture rooms, galleries, libraries, cafe/bar and a performance space. 

In terms of form and materiality the design was greatly influenced by its surroundings and the proposed housing Units for the Little Masters.


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MADE IN SHEFFIELD, Performance Venue Part III,

Sheffield, United Kingdom

Due to the fast pace of this project and its complication as it turned out due to the site constrains it was divided in two parts. The first Part was presented in the final review with the more social and educational aspects of the design such as workshops, lecture rooms, library etc. The second Part was improved and finalised later on including the performance spaces, galleries, administration offices, gift shops etc.


Please click on the thumbnails below to view the rest of the project.

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